All of My Favorite Beauty Vloggers

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Before I knew about YouTube beauty vloggers, I moderately liked doing my makeup, I was happy with my makeup collection, and I had never even thought about filling in my eyebrows. After I discovered the beauty gurus of YouTube, I was obsessed. I had no earthly idea that I could love doing makeup so much and that my eyebrows could look so good. This is kind of like an appreciation post for all the beauty vloggers that taught me that highlighter is my best friend.

Jaclyn Hill

Obviously at the top of the list. She was the first beauty guru on YouTube that I ever discovered and has come really far. She’s a super genuine person, and if you’re not following her on SnapChat then what are you doing? Not only has she dominated on YouTube with super comprehensive makeup tutorials, she’s done a number of collaborations with a few top high-end makeup companies like Becca Cosmetics, and Morphe. Plus she’s funny af. Check out her YouTube channel here.


Kathleen is definitely the easiest to relate to of all the beauty vlogger that I follow. Unlike her peers, she does a lot of more wearable makeup tutorials and they are super easy to follow. In addition to her tutorials she does a TON of haul videos and if your anything like me you’ll be obsessed. Bonus, she has adorable dogs that frequently cameo her videos. You can check out her channel here

Manny Mua

Manny is honestly so fierce and is Maybelline’s FIRST EVER male spokesperson! He does a lot of videos that aren’t makeup but he keeps it entertaining with a ton of other YouTubers making cameos on his channel. Check it out here.


The size of her lips are about as obnoxious as her intros (jk I’m super jealous of her lips) but her makeup is not. She does not play around with her tutorials, they truly slay. Her style is super chill and a little obsessed. I’m new to her channel but I love just about all of her content. Check out her channel here.

Laura Lee

She’s quirky and cute with her deep southern accent. Some of her tutorials are a bit on the wacky side like her boob contour video, but her makeup tutorials are always on point. Plus her collaboration with Violet Voss is so pretty! Check out her full YouTube channel here.

Makeup By Pita

Pita does a lot more than just Makeup and has a pretty small following but she is straight hustling. She was the one that originally did the ‘full face with children’s makeup’ challenge that a ton of YouTubers copied and I love the series that she’s doing right now called “Makeup Steals and Deals.” Check out her full channel here.

 Nikkie Tutorials

NikkieTutorials’ makeup videos are great if you wanna go a little crazy with you makeup! She is definitely not afraid to use bold colors in her makeup looks and I love it! Plus, she usually goes a little crazy with the glitter and highlight, which if we’re being honestly here is pretty much the best part of doing your makeup. You can check out her channel here.

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