How to Have an Incredibly Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

Stewart and I used to always go out on Valentine’s Day until one year we didn’t and we discovered it was way better! No traffic, no crowded restaurants, and no couples trying to out do the next couple. We were so happy to stay at home and just focus on each other that we never went out for Valentine’s ever again! There are so many fun and romantic things to do at home for your partner on Valentine’s. Here’s a few a Sweeten tested and approved fun and romantic Valentine’s dates for at home.

Plan A Romantic Meal

When Stewart and I did this one, admittedly it wasn’t super lovey dovey romantic, but it was so fun to have him in the kitchen with me! We planned the meal the night before and then went grocery shopping together (and sporadically decided that we needed ice cream). When we got home we cooked the food together, set the table, lit some candles and listened to some music. It was really low-key, but great to sit and just talk with each other and not have to talk over other people at a restaurant. Plus it’s one of the only times you can get away with making all your food heart-shaped! Here are a few links to my favorite tried and true recipes from Pinterest

Pretend the Power is Out

This one is super fun, but mostly because I have a sick obsession with candles that is borderline unhealthy. Basically, you want to turn out all the lights, turn the phones off and light a TON of candles. Stewart and I are a couple of dorks so we a bunch of played board games. The quality time together and tuning out the world is so wonderful. I know I’m guilty of ignoring people for my phone. This one is good if you’re wanting to spend your undivided attention on your favorite person.

Build a Fort

This one is for really fun couples and aren’t afraid to get close. Bring out your inner child and build an old fashioned fort out of pillows and blankets. And whether you surprise your person with the  pillow fort or have them help you set it up, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. Bonus, its super cozy inside a pillow fort which leads to a ton of cuddling!

Movie Marathon

Stewart and I did this one for an anniversary, not Valentine’s, but it’s still a great way to spend time together. A movie marathon is great if you have the whole day to spend together. Grab some popcorn and candy, and settle in. This is great if you are a really cuddly couple, because thats basically all this date is. Stewart and I had a Disney marathon with all our favorites, which was really great because each of us had different favorites and we could share them with each other.

Backyard Camping

Hear me out on this one, because I know it doesn’t sound super great. Pitch a tent in your backyard and trust me, its magical. Fill the tent with as many blankets and pillows as you can find,  load it up with lamps and candles (if that sounds like a fire hazard, thats because it probably is. I told you guys. Sick, unhealthy obsession.), and make your own trail mix and snacks. The tent is for sleeping, so have an extra blanket to lay out and look at the stars, make shadow puppets, roast marshmallows, do the whole camping thing.

These are just a few ideas that Stewart and I have come up with over the years. All of them have turned out super fun for us, but remember that its who you spend Valentine’s day with that makes it special, not what you do. If you need a little extra inspiration for Valentine’s Day follow me on my Pinterest!

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